Dance ‘n Zig Zag draws large crowd | THE DAILY HERALD

Original Burning Flames performing on stage at Carnival City.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The Dance ‘n Zig Zag Pre-Carnival show hosted by Smude Promotions took place at Mike van Putten Youth Centre. A large crowd turned out to the weekend event.

Master of ceremonies was President of the Musical Foundation Winston “Man From the Fifth Floor” Fleming. The show featured a wide array of musical performances by the Rebels Band Hi-Definition band, Turbulanzz Band, Che “DJ Sense” Farrell, Leoncio “Private” Lopes, Gershon Herrera and Jamm Boyzz band. Headliner of the show was the Original Burning Flames, whose members were back to St. Eustatius after 20 years.

While the Burning Flames was playing, rain started to pour onto the crowd. The rain, however, did not deter the fans, as they donned umbrellas, plastics bags, and even cardboard boxes so they could continue to party without getting wet.

As it was promoter Jineidy Bolan’s birthday, the various bands onstage serenaded her with “Happy Birthday.”

Carnival City on Tuesday was abuzz as Statia Carnival Committee and booth holders were busy with the final touches for the start of Statia Carnival 2018, which commenced last night with the Opening/T-Shirt Madness Jump-up.

A silent march organized by “We Care” to bring attention to domestic violence and child abuse took place during the Jump-up.

Tonight, Wednesday evening, Statia Carnival continues with the King of Kings Show in which contestants Khalil Houtman, Alex Johnson, Gervio Spanner and Layo Woodley will be vying to be crowned King of Carnival 2018. The show is expected to start 8:00pm at Carnival City.

Source: The Daily Herald