Dangerous prisoner escapes, Police searching in Cay Hill

CAY HILL–Shots were fired in Cay Hill on Monday afternoon, close to 3:00pm between a prisoner and Prison guards.

  The man managed to escape from custody after a visit at orthopedic surgeon Paul de Windt’s clinic. The man is believed to be Kathron Fortune serving time in Pointe Blanche prison for the killing of Irvin Margarita in cold blood in 2006. He is serving a 21 year sentence.

  The man had a gun in his possession and shots were fired between the convict and the prison guards. How the prisoner managed to get a gun remains unclear.

  Police arrived on the scene and started a massive man hunt. However according to Police Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson the man has not yet been found.

  The man is considered to be armed and dangerous according to police. Residents in the Cay Hill area are asked to come forward with any information that may lead to the capture of this armed convict.

Source: The Daily Herald Dangerous prisoner escapes, Police searching in Cay Hill