De Weever threatens Clark with legal action over abuse of power allegation | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Former Pointe Blanche prison Chief of Operations (COO) Fernando Clark has accused Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever of abuse of power when De Weever requested that he participate in “sexual activities,” which Clark refused to do. Two weeks later the process to prematurely terminate Clark’s three-year labour agreement with government began.

  Clark said in a press release on Thursday evening that his reason for coming forward with the information had to do with the statements made by Member of Parliament (MP) Christophe Emmanuel in the PJD2 1300AM newscast on Tuesday in regard to the abuse-of-power charges by former staff member F.T. against Minister of Tourism Stuart Johnson.

  In reaction to Clark’s statement, De Weever released a statement to this newspaper via his personal attorney Jairo Bloem who stated, “Minister Cornelius de Weever is, mildly put, not amused with the incorrect, slanderous and defamatory remarks/insinuations of Mr. Clark.

  “Mr. Clark will receive a summons early tomorrow [Friday – Ed.] morning to retract these statements within 24 hours and in addition to commit in writing to refrain from continued slander/defamation, failing which swift legal action will be undertaken.”

  Clark also hosts a talk show on SOS radio on Tuesday nights and said the reason for waiting eight months after the minister’s request was made to only now bring it to the attention of the public was that it was an embarrassing situation to be in and he felt ashamed to publicly expose it.

  He did not go into details about the incident, but said that as the minister had made no further advances, Clark had decided not to speak about it. Clark also said in his statement to this newspaper that he has no proof, no evidence and no witness(es) to substantiate what he claims happened, but he had decided on Tuesday night to speak out as it became evident that such abuse of power is the norm of the present government and that the abuse has to stop.

  Clark said he has no intention at this time to take the matter further, but wants the MP to know, whether he believes it or not, that it did indeed take place and the results are evident because his contract was terminated. He hopes that MP Emmanuel will also make a public statement about his incident soon.

  Clark had signed a three-year contract under former Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman in 2017, but De Weever annulled the contract on April 1.

Source: The Daily Herald