Defense trains emergency response with security on Windward Islands | THE DAILY HERALD

Military units will engage in a hurricane relief exercise starting today

PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Defense will hold a hurricane relief exercise on the Windward Islands September 15-27. Military units will also practise with various local security partners on the islands.

  Defense executes these trainings so that the military can be deployed quickly and effectively in the event of an actual hurricane threat.

  After the relocations to St. Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius, small activities will take place on a rotational basis, spread over the various islands. The units will also use their stay to become more familiar with all three islands and the relevant partners located there, such as government organisations, non-governmental organisations and companies that play an important role in emergency relief.

  Most of the military personnel are already present in the Caribbean region and include, amongst others, units of the Marine Squadron Carib (Aruba), the naval vessel Zr. Ms. Pelikaan, fast raiding interception and special forces (FRISC) vessels and several other support units from the fleet and the marines. In addition, a marine detachment is permanently present in St. Maarten.

  By training on the Windward Islands, in the event of an actual hurricane threat it is possible to provide emergency aid and rescue people in need immediately after passage. In such a situation, the military can also support the civil authorities and contribute to public order and security.

Source: The Daily Herald


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    The white Dutch government and their puppets on Statia do not trust the population of the island.
    They’ve had 2 different chances and still they do not vote as the White Masters ordered it. Even various dictatorial state secretaries couldn’t chance that. Nor the visit of a white minister, who wanted to know what slavery was, because she had read something in the magazine Margriet. Nor the infrastructural works that are aimed at more tourism and therefore more profit for white exploiters hadn’t changed that. Even 50 roundabouts wouldn’t change that.
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