Demonstration at Goisco food store

WILLEMSTAD–A large crowd gathered in front of Curaçao wholesale supermarket Goisco at Biesheuvel to protest.   As reported, officials of the multidisciplinary team recently confiscated about 1,000 kilos of meat and other goods that were past their expiration date.   All these items were stored in a container and the Veterinary Service inspected all the meat products. It became clear that the meat was not actually spoiled, but they still had to get rid of 250 kilos because the quality couldn’t be guaranteed.

  After all the reports in the media people became concerned, so together with several social groups in the community they decided to demonstrate and demand an apology from the business.   After those present started making noise, owner Joel da Silva Gois came out and publicly apologised. He did this in the presence of the media and the crowd.

Source: The Daily Herald