Dept. of Education to honour teachers | THE DAILY HERALD


 PHILIPSBURG–The Department of Education will be hosting an event later this month to honour educators in observance of World Teachers Day, Friday, October 5.

Education Minister Wycliffe Smith did not disclose details of the honouring event when he announced it during the Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday. He expressed hope that teachers will be showered with good wishes and tokens of appreciation from students and the community on the occasion of World Teachers Day.

He thanked teachers for “all the work” they have done in moulding young minds and for answering a call to a most noble profession.

“As you continue to serve as a parent, counsellor, nurse, mentor, cheerleader, mediator, handwriting expert, organiser, fundraiser, and list goes on, I want to thank teachers for their personal sacrifices that you make to build the next generation of leaders. You are builders of a country’s future. Your impact goes beyond the classroom and touches society and ultimately the universe. Teachers, we salute you,” Smith said.

Source: The Daily Herald