Destructive SZV patient gets second chance for surgery

PHILIPSBURG–A young man who went to the Dominican Republic for surgery after an acid attack, but instead caused some damage to the place where he stayed and spent his insurance money on non-health-related items has been given a second chance for corrective surgery.

  He is booked for surgery in Colombia next week and will have his medical cost covered, yet again, by Social and Health Insurance SZV.

  His attorney Cor Merx brokered his coverage and will work out with SZV and Government how the patient will repay the first amount of insurance money he squandered.

  “When I look at the young man, he could be my son. … Everyone deserves a second chance,” Merx told The Daily Herald.

  The patient will be accompanied to Colombia to ensure he does not use his medical funds for any other purpose. However, the first thing is the surgery.

  “He needs the surgery and the second thing will be how to pay back the money,” said Merx.

Source: Daily Herald
Destructive SZV patient gets second chance for surgery