Detained airport security chief suffers minor stroke | THE DAILY HERALD


PHILIPSBURG–Ambulance personnel rushed to the Pointe Blanche prison Wednesday to transport recently arrested Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) Chief of Security S.P. to the hospital after he suffered a minor stroke.

  S.P. was arrested on January 16 in connection with allegedly accepting bribes, money-laundering and complicity in violation of the duty to register foreign exchange. His lawyer Sjamira Roseburg informed The Daily Herald Wednesday that her client had become very sick in Pointe Blanche and fellow inmates had to bring him to the nurse on call for treatment.

  “Doctors worked on my client as soon as he arrived from the prison. When I heard about his condition, I arrived at the hospital shortly after and tried to see my client. The guard informed me that I would need permission to see him from the management of the prison.

  “After trying several times, I contacted the Ministry of Justice management, who said that they were not able to do anything about my restriction. It is the law for me to have access to my client 24/7. Why the restriction? The prison management needs to catch up on their laws,” stated Roseburg.

  1. remains in custody at the hospital and will undergo further treatment for his health complications.

Source: The Daily Herald