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The professional team of Different Taste restaurant in Windwardside, Saba, with from left, project manager Sander Ulehake, Chez Bubba’s owner Claire Verbeke-Nuyens, guidance officers John Simmons and Joy-Ann Robinson, Chez Bubba’s owner/chef Hidde Verbeke and Director of Benevolent Foundation Saba Pieter van Amsterdam.

 SABA–Saba will have a new, and non-profit restaurant as of Tuesday, November 13. However, “Different Taste” is not an ordinary restaurant because it also offers activities for people with certain challenges in life. In the kitchen and in the dining area of existing restaurant Chez Bubba in Windwardside, participants of the programme will help to prepare dishes, set tables, welcome guests and serve food and drinks.

The owners and kitchen chef of Chez Bubba are very excited about this project and offer not only their restaurant, but also assist with the team and participants to make Different Taste a success.

Besides the two hospitality coaches, Different Taste also has two specialised guidance officers to guide participants every step of the way. Follow-up aftercare which includes an educational component and monitoring of the physical and psychological wellbeing of all participants is also in place.

According to the organisers of Different Taste, a programme in a restaurant has several advantages compared to regular activities. Assisting in a restaurant reduces idleness and gives a meaningful purpose to those who feel lonely or inferior.

So far, the first reactions from the community have been very positive, organisers said. Because of the small scale of the island – which has approximately 2,000 inhabitants – everyone knows each other, and Different Taste is seen as the means to allow people with challenges to occupy a valuable place in the middle of the Saba community.

This so-called “Social Dining Concept” is new to the Caribbean and was set up in a broad cooperation between the Public Entity Saba, Benevolent Foundation Saba (BFS) and Mental Health Caribbean.

Different Taste is part of BFS’ Saba Life Plus, which focusses on organising day-care activities for people with psychiatric and/or addiction challenges, for example substance abuse.

Different Taste will serve food during lunch time on Tuesday and serve drinks until 4:00pm. Take-out and catering can also be provided.

Because the focus is on proper guidance of participants, Different Taste only hosts small groups and is therefore considered ideal for work meetings or small gatherings.

Reservations can be made via tel. 416-5577, WhatsApp or e-mail info@lifecenterplus.org . Saba Life Plus can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The restaurant’s official grand opening will take place Tuesday, November 6, 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/82002-different-taste-no-ordinary-restaurant