Disaster preparedness conference next week

Prime Minister Leona Romeo–Marlin and National Disaster Coordinator Fire Chief Clive Richardson during the EOC meeting at the Fire and Ambulance Station in Cay Hill on Monday.

~PM chairs second EOC meeting ~

PHILIPSBURG – The Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) held its second meeting this year the Fire and Ambulance Department in Cay Hill on Monday, May 14. The EOC meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin, who is responsible for disaster management as outlined in the current structure.

The EOC consists of 10 Emergency Support Function (ESF) Groups which presented their internal plans, preparations and concerns thus far for the upcoming 2018 hurricane season. A further working out of these plans will continue soon with the execution of the “Taking Charge” Disaster Preparedness Conference at the Belair Community Centre May 24-25.

The goal of the Conference is to bring together internal and external agencies to have open discussions and presentations that will ultimately lead to a National Disaster Operation Plan that will be available as a reference manual for the entire community.

Additionally, members of the Disaster Management Team and ESF-8, the Department of Communication DComm are preparing a Communication Plan for the hurricane season, which will commence on June 1.

Romeo-Marlin said, “My objective for the communication plan is to give pertinent information before, during and post any disaster that may occur on St. Maarten. I would like the public to also do their part and seek out the relevant information for their immediate family and community.

“This information should cover personal emergency family planning that takes into account the wellbeing of your children, household emergency supplies, all insurances, safeguarding important documents, clean-up of your property and access to communication sources.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/76704-disaster-preparedness-conference-next-week