Disrepair causes Statia court sessions to move

~ Court sessions in Lions Den today ~

ST. EUSTATIUS–Court hearings on St. Eustatius will be held in the Lions Den today, Tuesday, due to the state of dilapidated state of Government Guesthouse.

This is expected to be a one-time occurrence.

A better temporary solution is being sought for the sessions until the guesthouse is repaired.

page13d083The guesthouse is falling apart at the seams. The beams and floor boards are rotting away and one of the entrance stairways has been closed off from use since earlier this year. The building is used for, among others things, government meetings and court sessions.

People using the building have had severe concerns for some time now about the state of affairs, but despite complaints no attention has been placed on repairs and/or ensuring public safety.

Care of the building falls to the Dutch Government, seated in The Hague as Statia is a public entity of the Netherlands.

Source: Daily Herald
Disrepair causes Statia court sessions to move