District cleaning contracts awarded

PHILIPSBURG–Eight contractors have been awarded district cleaning contracts for a two-year period. The contracts were recently signed by contractors with Infrastructure and Environment Minister Angel Meyers after “a slight delay” in the evaluation process aimed at giving “each bidder equal opportunity.”

The district cleaning includes cleaning and keeping public areas clean in the districts such as secondary roads, tertiary roads, drives, alleys, squares, public schools, parks, beaches and cemeteries. Also covered is removal of eroded materials, cutting, pruning, maintaining and collection of overgrown trees and bushes and reporting on shortcomings and damage to infrastructure in the districts.
Parcel 1: Lowlands French Border-Simpson Bay was awarded to Reliable General Cleaning and Maintenance.
Parcel 2: Simpson Bay Bridge-Billy Folly-Cole Bay Power Plant-Welfare Road went to Premiere Consulting NV.
Parcel 4: Cay Bay, Cay Hill-Little Bay Pond-Belair – Church was given to Caribbean General Contractor NV, Parcel 6: Cul de Sac Valley East, Jonathan Construction Site, Parcel 7: Cul de Sac Valley West, Topxic Heavy Equipment & Services BV, Parcel 8: Over the Pond, Madame Estate, Mount William Hill, Washington Construction NV, and Parcel 9: Middle Region- Dutch Quarter, Down and Dirty General Works.
Nandy Trenching was awarded Parcel 10: Belvedere, Bishop Hill, Oyster Pond, Dawn Beach and Parcel 11: Sucker Garden, The Keys, Arch Road, Hope Estate /Experiment, Guana Bay.
Parcels 3, 5 and 12 are awaiting signature from the winning contractors.
Parcel 13 is being reviewed and will be tendered at a later date.

Source: Daily Herald
District cleaning contracts awarded