Divers discover body near Kim Sha Beach | THE DAILY HERALD

Coast Guard officers and a jet ski operator at Kim Sha Beach on Saturday afternoon pulling out the body of Dwayne Sherwood.

Dwayne Sherwood

COLE BAY–Two snorkelers having fun near Kim Sha Beach on Saturday morning noticed what they thought was a mannequin at the bottom of the sea, and notified the swim equipment company of what they had seen. The Coast Guard was contacted and brought to sea with the help of jet ski riders, and discovered the body of local Dwayne Sherwood.

The Coast Guard and the police officers pulled the body out of the water and took it to the beach for further investigation. The doctor officially pronounced that Sherwood was deceased. The man was known to police as homeless and suffered from a mental disorder.

Police have not indicated whether an official investigation has started or whether foul play is suspected.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/88785-divers-discover-body-near-kim-sha-beach