Divi Little Bay wants to reduce work week again

PHILIPSBURG–A group of Divi Little Bay Beach Resort workers stood in protest at the Government Administration Building on Friday morning to contest management’s move to reduce their workdays and consequently their pay once again.

The workers performed the same action on October 12, standing up against management and its decision to change the workweek hours without consultation with their union, Workers Institute for Organised Labour (WIFOL). In October, the company reduced its staffers’ workweek from six to three days. After intervention from WIFOL a four-day workweek was agreed.
In a letter addressed to workers earlier this week, management informed them that they now want to start a two-day work programme. This entails the resort paying workers regular job wages for two days each week until spring 2018 when the resort reopens.
The letter informed workers that they can return to their regular work schedule once the resort is open. The workers find the move unacceptable, because the resort had already cut down their workweek to four days a week.
WIFOL President Theophilus Thompson will be meeting with management on Monday to address the issue. Workers gathered at the Government Building to send a message to Government about what actions the resort was taking against them.
Divi Little Bay Beach Resort management was asked for comment, but The Daily Herald did not get any response from management on Friday.
The workers plan to gather at the hotel on Monday and hope that the situation is rectified after the union and management meet.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71063-divi-little-bay-wants-to-reduce-work-week-again