DJ and Joost offering their artistic talent, cooking skills

Joost de Jong (left) and Dirkjan Jansen de Jong.

PHILIPSBURG–National Institute of Arts (NIA) is proud to announce the dynamic duo of Dirkjan Jansen de Jong and Joost de Jong, better known as DJ and Joost, for Art Heals.

The two dedicated and committed Dutch artistes have devoted significant portions of their lives to bringing and offering relief through their art. The turned-vegan chef and holistic-wellness coach are now here to offer St. Maarten their hearts, talents and cooking skills.

Combining their love for musical theatre and their love for healthy meals, DJ and Joost will be collaborating with NIA’s Art Heals programme to contribute to the recovery process and to help build back a stronger St. Maarten.

DJ and Joost kicked off their philanthropic journey to St. Maarten with their musical-theatre workshop, which is free to all who wish to participate. They will combine this with offering and serving free vegan meals to seniors and families still living in hurricane shelters. The meals will be available at NIA in John Larmonie Centre on Long Wall Road. Classes and meals are available to all free of charge.

The highlight of the duo’s time in St. Maarten will be the staging of a musical revue and fundraising event at Holland House Beach Hotel on Saturday, February 17, in aid of Animal Defenders and NIA’s Art Heals.

DJ’s and Joost’s selfless act of volunteerism has taken them to tsunami-ravaged India, and to raising funds for victims in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Now their commitment to giving back returns them to St. Maarten. Five years ago, they returned to the Netherlands after a very productive three-year stint in St. Maarten, where they worked as musical-theatre teachers at Motiance Dance School Foundation with classes in Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten. Their last project was the staging of a production entitled “Blown Away” in February 2012.

Source: The Daily Herald