Domino’s Pizza open for business

BUSH ROAD – The Bush Road has seen exceptional display of teamwork this week as the scene morphed from disaster area to relief center.

At the heart of this new hope is Domino’s Pizza, which is now open for anyone wishing to buy something warm to eat. Thanks to the generosity of the community Domino’s Pizza has resumed operation as of today and will continue for as long as they can.
Thanks to heavily insulated freezers the entire stock was kept cool until the owners were able to get into the building. The Domino’s Pizza team is working around the clock to donate food to relief workers around St. Maarten as well providing cold water to the customers standing in line.
The menu is limited to pizza and wings with a Relief Special of $10 for a medium 1 topping pizza or $5 for wings. There is no delivery until further notice. Please try to have exact change or as close to the amount as possible.
Domino’s Pizza would like to thank St. Maarten for its continued support and would also like everyone to know that Domino’s stands with the people as everyone works toward rebuilding into something better than before.
There is a hope for the Cole Bay location opening soon as well in a few days.

Source: The Daily Herald