Don suggests use article 43

WILLEMSTAD–Former Antillean Prime Minister and co-founder of the MAN party Dominico “Don” Martina suggested during a talk show that Curaçao Governor Lucille George-Wout use article 43 of the Constitution in connection with the recently-sworn-in interim cabinet’s move to indefinitely postpone the early elections scheduled for April 28.

This article is basically the same as an official instruction by the Kingdom Council of Ministers in The Hague or a General Measure of Kingdom Governance. Martina explained that using such makes it possible for the Netherlands to take away the authority of the island’s Parliament to hold elections and give this to the Governor, who would then organise them.

As already known, there is a major discussion between two political groups on the island. On the one hand, the new MFK/KdNT/PS/MP/Braam/Dannawi majority of 12 in the 21-seat Parliament does not want the election. On the other hand, former coalition partners MAN, PAR and PNP that are now in the opposition want to continue with the snap elections called by former Curaçao Prime Minister Hensley Koeiman (MAN) after his cabinet lost its majority backing in Parliament.

Source: The Daily Herald