Donation to Princess Alexandra Hospital from Anguilla Youth Sports Foundation | THE DAILY HERALD

Photo: Donation to Princess Alexandra Hospital isolation unit

 ANGUILLA—A donation of medical equipment for COVID-19 treatment was made to the Princess Alexandra Hospital on Wednesday April 8 by the Anguilla Youth Sports Foundation. The much needed supplies that were sent to Anguilla by Fedex were much appreciated by the Health Authority personnel.

Head of the Foundation, Anguillian Thomas Kelly, who normally resides in New York, is currently on the island. He said that the Foundation was formed 15 years ago to promote sports in Anguilla and also has been involved in other aspects of assistance to the island.

“Today, we are donating medical supplies to the hospital through our affiliation with MATTER, which is a large medical NGO based in Minnesota which provides health assistance to many countries,” Kelly told media representatives and health personnel. “We have had some conversations with individuals who make up the Health Authority here in Anguilla and we are looking forward to bringing them some more supplies.”

CEO of the Health Authority, Maeza Demis-Adams, thanked the Foundation for the donation that will be stocked at the isolation unit where it will be easily accessible.

“The Health Authority is on a mission to stockpile personal protective equipment for staff for a 6-9 months’ supply. Persons would be aware that throughout the world there is a shortage of medical supplies.” She noted that getting supplies to small islands like Anguilla is a problem so every donation is valuable. “And so we really appreciate this initiative and goodwill gesture and we look forward to continued collaboration with Mr. Kelly and the Anguilla Youth Sports Foundation,” she said.


Source: The Daily Herald