Don’t Break the Comb to host last of workshop series

Don’t Break the Comb owner Rochelle Ward and her sister Ruth Ward.

 COLE BAY–The last of Don’t Break the Comb’s workshop series, “Get Set, Grow!” will be held at La Beauty Room, next to Overstocks, in Cole Bay, on Saturday, December 16, from 5:00 to 8:30pm.

  The session will include how to choose the right products to create a killer personalised hair regimen and corn-rowing for beginners.


  Admission to the session is US $25 per person and space is limited. “Participants can fast-track their Christmas shopping, engage in activities and broaden their styling options,” said event organiser Rochelle Ward.

  The series Get Set, Grow is tailored to teach the fundamentals of natural hair care while providing participants an opportunity to practice four to five essential protective styling techniques such as the two-strand twist.

  The series began on Saturday, November 25, and included an introduction to natural hair care, how to create the perfect two-strand twists (out), identifying what causes hair damage, transforming a three-strand twist style into multiple protective styles you can wear right away, how to determine your hair needs (and wants) and a step-by-step guide to flat twisting.

  “We wanted to help women set the stage for a year of intentional growth and care in 2018. Hopefully there will be less aggravation and increased collaboration when it comes to our hair. Don’t Break the Comb is a natural hair lifestyle brand that supplies its clientele with quality hair products, Afro-Caribbean dolls, events and information to assist them in the gentle, loving care of their Afro-textured hair,” the release said.

Source: The Daily Herald