Doran-York holds info session for St. Maarteners in The Hague

THE HAGUE–Minister Plenipotentiary Henrietta Doran-York recently hosted an information session for St. Maarteners living in the Netherlands in St. Maarten House. The event also served as an introduction of the Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary Hasani Ellis to St. Maarteners.

Ellis said in his speech that still many in the Netherlands, when asked about St. Maarten, have limited or even no idea where St. Maarten is. He called on St. Maarteners to promote the country in the Netherlands. He also encouraged young professionals and students to continue to maintain close contact with St. Maarten House and to utilize their expertise for the building of a strong nation.

Doran-York invited four St. Maarteners to present information on various topics at the event.

Nerissa Cornelia, a student, spoke about student life in the Netherlands. She engaged attendees about the history and the meaning of their names.

Suzette Moses centred her talk on following one’s dream or calling by using her experience in becoming an advocate for better understanding, treatment and cure for those living with HIV-Aids.

Tishelle Daniel, an advanced medical student, highlighted the risks of alcohol and smoking addiction. Many sought information about fighting addictions following her presentation.

Edwina Hodge, a student, dealt with budgeting. She administered budget-related multiple choice quizzes to attendees to illustrate spending and saving patterns.

Doran-York said the intention is to organize more of these educational events throughout the year.

Attendees were welcomed with Johnny cakes, salt fish and soup.

Source: The Daily Herald