Doran-York with Marriët Schuurman in St. Maarten House.


Doran-York discusses climate

with UNSC Taskforce Head

THE HAGUE –Climate change and security for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) were among the talking points when Minister Plenipotentiary Henrietta Doran-York met with Head of the Taskforce for the United Nations (UN) Security Council Marriët Schuurman in St. Maarten House on Friday.

  This meeting was part of the preparations for 2018 when the Netherlands will hold a seat on the UN’s Security Council.

  Doran-York said in a press statement she expressed to Schuurman that the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom should be better represented and more visible during this tenure, as that is not so much the case at this moment.

  “In the near future, the effect that climate change has on policy making in the area of security and conflict prevention will only be enhanced,” the Minister stated.

  Schuurman is said to agree with the concerns Doran-York raised on behalf of St. Maarten, and is said to look forward to a closer cooperation with authorities on St. Maarten to assure a successful tenure on the Security Council.

  Doran-York said the meeting was “very informative,” and stated that both parties had the opportunity to exchange ideas in areas of increased cooperation.

Source: The Daily Herald