Doranyia Pascal crowned Miss Junior Queen 2017

MARIGOT–Doranyia Pascal of Hervé Williams School in Concordia was crowned Junior Carnival Queen 2017 in Carnival Village last night while Richelle Fabre-Cetoute of Marie Antoinette Richards School in Rambaud emerged as Miss Pitchounette 2017.

First runner-up in the Junior pageant went to Yubiesni Toma-Rodriguez of Emile Choisy School in Concordia and second runner-up to Ryhanna Bilba of Clair St. Maximin School in French Quarter.

Gabriella Lesueur of Omer Arrondell School in French Quarter was third runner-up and Enji Pivet of Nina Duverly School in Marigot fourth runner-up.

In other Junior Queen results, Yubiesni Toma-Rodriguez sold most tickets and was also voted Miss Popularity, Miss Photogenic and Best Talent. Best speech and Best Princess Wear went to Doranyia Pascal. Best Costume was won by Ryhanna Bilba.

Carnival Village was packed to capacity for both pageants which were run simultaneously starting around 4:00pm. Two sets of judges were present and the segments alternated between Junior Queen and Miss Pitchounette contestants.

As emcee Ricky Da Phox remarked, there was no lack of confidence with any of the contestants in either category despite their young age as they showed off their personalities to the appreciative audience.

The Dutch-side Queen Show contestants and the French-side Teen and Senior Queen contestants were presented on stage during the evening.

Five Junior Queen candidates were in contention for the crown and four for the Miss Pitchounette category. Between segments there were performances by the Grain D’Or dancers, a Periscolaire after class, and Tamillia Chance who sang two songs.

The speech segment for both categories offered 30 points and criteria included fluency, content and mastery of language.

The Talent segment for Junior Queen contestants offered 40 points with criteria including originality, verbal expression, stage performance and overall impact.

Ryhanna Bilba chose a theme on the Les Explorateurs drum band while Gabriella Leseur opted for a skit on natural herbs and healing. Doranyia Pascal took on a complex subject: “My St. Martin, My Illustration,” inspired by Daniella Jeffry’s book on the destabilisation of St. Martin.

Enji Pivet sang a song by Tamillia Chance and Yubiesni Toma-Rodriguez gave a portrayal President of the Collectivité Aline Hanson as a teacher, a school principal and an elected official.

The Carnival Costume segment for Miss Pitchounette represented any of the Seven Wonders of the World. Costumes had be made by the schools and not by professionals. This segment offered 100 points for both categories with criteria including originality, craftsmanship and finishing, respect of the theme, stage performance and visual impact.

Themes presented included the Taj Mahal, Egyptian themes, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, the Great Wall of China and Chinese folklore.

The last segment for both categories was Princess Wear for 80 points. Criteria included design, colour, accessories, fit, modelling, poise and posture, and visual expression.

In the Miss Pitchounette results, Richelle Fabre-Cetoute was crowned Miss Pitchounette 2017. Alejandra Agramonte of Evelina Halley School in Spring was first runner-up with second runner-up going to Luna Oliviera of Emile Larmony School in French Cul-de-Sac. Third runner-up went to Anaïs Lang-Ramassamy of Siméone Trott School in Concordia.

Alejandra Agramonte also won Miss Popularity, Miss Photogenic and Best Princess Wear. Best Speech went to Luna Oliviera and Best Costume to Richelle Fabre-Cetoute.

Source: The Daily Herald