Double catch

At the indication of its maritime patrol plane, the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard sent out a SuperRhib to investigate an unlit vessel south of Klein Curaçao early Sunday morning. They intercepted the boat with three Venezuelans aboard and found 82 kilos of cocaine as well as two kilos of marijuana.

The crew members were held, and the drugs confiscated. About that same time, the plane spotted another suspicious craft south of Bullenbaai. The SuperRhib went there and encountered 41 undocumented Venezuelan migrants, 35 men and six women. All were detained (photo). As part of the same actions to combat the smuggling of drugs, people and weapons, local authorities arrested six men in two cars on Kaya Seru Machu and seized two firearms. These suspects are F.O.Z. (64), E.A.Z. (41), J.A.L. (38), M.D. (26), A.F.B. (16) and A.A.J. (19).

Source: The Daily Herald