Dovale-Meit, Richardson to chair recovery committee

POND ISLAND–Former Lt. Governor Dennis Richardson has been mentioned often in the days following monster Hurricane Irma for his leadership following Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn in 1995. He is back on the scene as part of a Government-established workgroup tasked with drafting a national plan to guide the reconstruction and recovery efforts.

Richardson is vice-chairman of the committee headed by long-time civil servant and former Island Secretary Joane Dovale-Meit. Also on the committee are Cassandra Janssen (secretary), retired banker Jan Beaujon, Mackini Hickinson-Persaud and harbour board chairman Fernando William.
The work group, established by national decree, will assess the damage and needs of the country and will consult local and international stakeholders with the goal of a comprehensive national recovery plan. The National Recovery Plan (NRP) will outline short-, mid- and long-term initiatives.
A preliminary report is expected from the committee by the beginning of October and a definitive report by yearend.
The Council of Ministers met with the workgroup and approved its approach to the NRP on Thursday.

Source: The Daily Herald