Dozens of poultry die for lack of feed

ST. KITTS–Laying birds are dying because Minister of Agriculture Eugene Hamilton, his Ministry and the Department of Agriculture are unable to provide farmers with an adequate supply of feed.

  One pig farmer is also complaining about the frequent inability of the Department of Agriculture to provide feed for his stock when required.   St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) caretaker for St. Christopher 8, Dr. Terrance Drew has expressed the view that not only is Minister Hamilton dysfunctional and unable to perform, but also the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture.

  Dr. Drew disclosed Wednesday that he has been receiving numerous complaints from poultry farmers of their inability to get feed from the Department of Agriculture, resulting in the loss of dozens of laying birds and broilers. One farmer lost as many as 90 birds.

  “They have been telling me that their chickens are dying. The Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of its Minister, Honourable Eugene Hamilton does not have chicken feed and pig feed and the farmers are hurting,” said Dr. Drew, who expressed concern that farmers lose much not only on their investment, but also in their ability to finance loans and provide for the local market.

  Popular pig farmer Devin “Buckie Got It” Richardson has been complaining of the frequency at which the Department of Agriculture has been unable to provide animal feed.

  “Pig food gone scarce again in St. Kitts. It is not only pig feed the Department of Agriculture is out of. It is also out of chicken feed such as broiler, starter and finisher. No feed at all until sometime next week,” he wrote on May 4.

  Asking, “What will our animals eat until such time?” the pig farmer said: “It will be rough, but we have to do what we have to do, so that our animals can survive and be healthy.”

  Richardson also called on management to “have a better rotation of feed.”

Source: The Daily Herald