DP is back on the ballot. Eight “newcomers” in Curaçao elections | THE DAILY HERALD

PNP got the most votes. KEM was second.

  Sixteen political parties without current representation in Parliament during last weekend’s pre-election had two days to get the support of 789 votes for the candidate lists.


WILLEMSTAD-Trabou pa Kòrsou (TPK), Un Kambio pa Kòrsou (UKP), Kòrsou un Munisipio Ulandes Nobo (KUMUN), Kòrsou esun Miho (KEM), Partido Nashonal di Pueblo (PNP), Movementu Kousa Promé (MKP), Partido Demokrat (DP) and Vishon will participate qualified for Curaçao’s upcoming elections.

The eight qualifying parties mentioned all received more than the minimum number of votes. PNP party headed by former minister Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia came out with the most, followed Michelangelo Martines’ KEM and TPK of Rennox Calmes.

  Thirteen of the 16 were making their first attempt, while PAN, MKP and DP had already done so before.

 With the seven that had already earned seats four years ago, a total of 15 parties will now be on the March 19 ballot.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/dp-is-back-on-the-ballot-eight-newcomers-in-curacao-elections


  1. Everybody has been sleeping all the time!
    Yet, one fifth of the population (at least) is foreigner.
    And you have given them the opportunity to vote, and to decide to discriminate the YdK.
    On the other islands the situation is even worse.
    This is a directed population policy of the white dutch!