Dr. Simmonds galvanises base at congress closure

JP President Louis Mussington presenting the team at the party’s first congress. (Soualiga Post photo).


Marigot–The visit of Political Science Professor, Dr. Keith Simmonds from Florida A&M University was the highlight of Movement for Justice and Prosperity’s (MJP) first party congress held on Saturday, February 18, at the Chamber of Commerce Building Spring, Concordia.

  “In examining the name of your organisation it is clear to me that you are prepared to make the country a just and prosperous society,” said Dr. Simmonds who delivered the keynote address at the congress.

  The weekend conference started on Friday evening with a workshop conducted by Dr. Simmonds on the theme “People First” at the MJP’s headquarters in Marigot and concluded with a public conference at the Chamber of Commerce Building.

  Dr. Simmonds address placed emphasis on the importance of democracy and economic development which he referred to as “econo-mocracy.”

  “We as political scientists and political aspirants spend a lot of time talking about democracy, as we should, but there’s only one form of democracy that matters at the end of the day; it’s what I call econo-mocracy” he explained.

  The professor elaborated on the subject matter by saying, “It’s a democratic system that engages in opportunity development for all, and rewarding personal responsibility with shared benefits for the development of society.”

  “I see in your organization a movement that is self-energising, moving forward together, building together a thriving society for one and all,” he added.

  “Dr. Simmonds was a great addition to our congress,” commented President of MJP Louis Mussington. “He brought home the message of how to truly develop St. Martin’s society with respect for one and all. We managed to galvanise our base.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63902-dr-simmonds-galvanises-base-at-congress-closure