Drive with extreme caution. Avoid flood prone areas | THE DAILY HERALD

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) – A number of Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) have provided updates this morning with respect to post-Hurricane Tammy effects that are still impacting the country of Sint Maarten.

ESF-3 Ministry of VROMI reports a number of areas are partially flooded, namely the road at Mullet Bay, Beacon Hill and part of the Billy Folly Road leading to Pelican.  Motorists should drive with extreme caution or avoid these areas until flooded street water levels subside.

ESF-5 the Police, have also reported street flooding and rock falls at certain areas, Illidge Road (near the traffic lights); Zagersgut Road; Bush Road; Belair (Octavius L. Richardson Road); Wellington Road intersection; A.J.C. Browers Road (driving down to Cole Bay, rock falls); G.A. Arnell Boulevard Link 1 (rock falls); and L.B. Scott Road (Jose Lake Ball Park).

Motorists should drive with extreme caution or avoid these areas until flooded street water levels subside or if possible, to take an alternative route.

Water levels in the Great Salt Pond currently are at an acceptable level and are being closely monitored by the Ministry of VROMI. 

The Great Bay Beach channel was opened at approximately 5:30 AM for water to be redirected to the ocean from the Fresh Water Pond.  This measure is being taken to mitigate any potential flooding in the Zagers Gut area. The channel will remain open until further notice.

A quick assessment of water drainage channels revealed no obstructions when it was carried out this morning.  

According to the Meteorological Department of Sint Maarten 6:00 AM weather report for Monday, October 23, instability, and abundant moisture are being transported across the region by a southerly wind flow associated with Hurricane Tammy.

This will maintain cloudiness, showers, occasional wind gusts, and isolated thunderstorms today. Accumulated precipitation overnight has resulted in ponding and flooding in flood prone areas; rockslides are still likely.

Residents and users of flood prone areas should continue exercising caution while driving on the road network.

The Flood Watch remains in effect!

Moderate to rough seas are expected through the next couple of days with waves peaking at six feet. Sea users and people with interests along the coast should exercise extreme caution.

Although the center of Hurricane Tammy continues to move away from Sint Maarten, its feeder-bands will linger providing cloudy and rainy conditions. Gradual improvement is expected by Tuesday.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) ESFs will continue to carry out assessments throughout the day in order to determine courses of action that should be taken if and when necessary.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, chairperson of the EOC on Monday in an update said: As of now there is no cause for great alarm. People should continue to use their best judgement while using the public roads.  School remains closed today, Monday October 23 until further notice.

Continued vigilance and action are necessary today, Monday, October 23rd due to the persistent and heavy rainfall from overnight that the country has been experiencing.  Avoid flood prone areas, and drive with caution. 

Additional updates will be provided by the EOC via the customary official government public information channels.

Source: The Daily Herald