Driver held in fatal accident

PHILIPSBURG — The man who was driving the Suzuki Vitara that on Tuesday afternoon knocked down and killed physical education teacher at Milton Peters College (MPC) Bas de Haan is presently in police custody.

De Haan was hit by the SUV while cycling on Airport Boulevard. The teacher, who hails from St. Eustatius, had recently moved to the island and began working at MPC just one month ago.
Police are still gathering statements from eyewitnesses to piece together what exactly took place. Spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson in an invited comment said the man is being questioned and no more information can be released at this time.

Source: Daily Herald
Driver held in fatal accident


  1. I’m done, i’m giving it up. I love cycling and been riding on the island for years. But how many times have i been in a situation like this? a situation where a car takes over without minding the cyclist, a situation where the car thinks he can squeeze through or a situation where the car thinks they are fast enough to take over… the answer is weekly. every week i find myself in one of those situations, and play it off by calling it “a close one”, by yelling at the driver or by maneuvering myself on the bike in some nearly impossible way. Never really realizing that all this time you are playing with your life. Now this poor man had to pay the highest price and for what?? To be home a few minutes early? to catch the bridge? to be on time for work?? Bas will never ride again, his family will never heal and his loved ones will never forget….

    When will drivers realize that they are playing with peoples lives?

    When will the government realize that the islands transportation and infrastructure policy is not sustainable?

    When will there be a change?

    • It’s crazy. Any new infrastructure project should include walk and bike ways. Also existing roads, especially airport road, where possible should be outfitted with walk- bike ways, not only for our safety and enjoyment but for our visitors as well.

    • Let’s face it: lots of people operating a motor vehicle on this island are unfit for driving. I wonder sometimes even if some of these are having a drivers license.
      No indicator, no brake lights in working condition, squeezing through traffic although there might be obstacles on their side pushing the driver, bicycle rider or pedastrian on the side.
      Thoughtfulness, carefulness and consideration in traffic are unknown in this place.
      Police are hardly having traffic controls, DUI legislation is weak or simply not existing, no fines, no mental or physical fitness test is existing in a tiny place with so many vehicles operated by so many people from all over the world with different skills.
      Hardly any traffic signs, absence of lines on the asphalt….I could get on forever.
      I grew up in Europe and loved bicycling there, but after seeing of what’s going on in traffic here I never got back in my saddle.
      People: share the space on the road, have respect for weaker particpants like pedestrians.
      The government has to enact to stricter laws. And the police force has to make sure that the public is respecting these regulations.