Dumping of boat wrecks on landfills not permitted | THE DAILY HERALD


POND ISLAND–Discarding of boat wrecks and/or parts on the main dump or the “baby” dump is not allowed, says acting Minister of Environment Cornelius de Weever in a notice to all boat owners, marina operators, salvaging companies and other entities busy with the retrieval of wreck and parts.

The fibreglass parts of boats are extremely flammable and can lead to sporadic combustion on the dump in the heat waves caused by the ongoing drought.
The fumes of fibre are very dangerous, said De Weever. “Government isn’t allowing any fibre products on any of the landfills.”
All wrecks should be left at their present locations for processing or moved to approved locations when such are identified.
Government is working with the World Bank on a project to rid the country of all boat wrecks by safely discarding them within the next few months.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77695-dumping-of-boat-wrecks-on-landfills-not-permitted