Dupersoy updates on restoration of services

PHILIPSBURG–Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the TelEm Group Kendall Dupersoy says he expects that by end of this year all cellular sites for the TelEm Group will be fully functional for fixed services.

  The company has a two-month plan for full recovery of all of its services. Dupersoy said as it relates to its mobile service, there are 13 sites with full coverage and nine with partial coverage. On the Cole Bay side of the AJC Brouwer Road (Cole Bay Hill), the company boasts of having 100% coverage. “In order to improve the coverage, the engineers are currently assessing the network and investigating where is the best location to place other sites,” Dupersoy told The Daily Herald.

  As for Internet, all areas with underground cabling are currently active, he said. Areas above ground are being restored. TelEm has engaged the assistance of a local company and is in discussion with a company from Curacao to assist with restoration.

  As for areas still to be restored, Dupersoy said for cellular services, the TelEm Group has to improve the Sucker Garden, Middle Region, Mount William Hill, Dutch Quarter and Pointe Blanche areas. “All the areas have limited signal from other sites, but for good LTE service more sites have to be erected. For fixed services, the areas are throughout the island… those that are aerial cable.”

  He said also that the TelEm Group’s Planning Department is busy assessing the entire network to start placing cables underground. This project will be executed in conjunction with utilities company GEBE.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/70398-dupersoy-updates-on-restoration-of-services