Dutch channel BVN back on Cable TV

PHILIPSBURG–TelEm Group announced over the weekend that the Dutch cable TV channel BVN (Channel 122) has been restored to the company’s Cable TV operation regular programme line-up.

BVN viewers in St. Maarten recently urged TelEm Group to return their favourite channel without delay after the channel went dark.

The company explained that BVN had changed its satellite equipment and TelEm Group had to purchase new equipment that was compatible with BVN equipment to restore the service. The problem was resolved Friday when the new equipment was installed and the BVN channel was once again made available for viewers.

TelEm Group thanked its Cable TV viewers, especially viewers of the Dutch Channel BVN, on Sunday for their patience and apologised once again for the interruption in their viewing and for any inconvenience caused.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/76553-dutch-channel-bvn-back-on-cable-tv