Dutch hospitality sector collects for St. Maarten

AMSTERDAM—Dutch hotel and restaurant owners have joined the initiative to collect funds for the Netherlands Red Cross to help St. Maarten. The Royal Netherlands Hospitality Association KHN has asked is more than 20,000 members to participate.

St. Maarten needs a lot of money for the reconstruction, and the KHN wants to support the island and its people morally and financially, the organisation stated in a press release on Saturday. The collection drive of the hotel and restaurant sector started on Saturday and lasts a full week, until October 1.

“As hospitality entrepreneurs we know very well how important the revenues from tourists and other guests are,” said KHN Chairman Robèr Willemsen, referring to the hardship that restaurants and hotels on St. Maarten are now facing with their properties either destroyed or heavily damaged and without tourists coming to the island.

“That is why we have asked our members to donate, the owners and their employees. They can also ask their guests for a small contribution,” said Willemsen. At the end of the drive next week Sunday, the entrepreneurs are asked to donate the collected funds to the Red Cross and to inform the KHN of the amount in order for the association to present a symbolic check to the Red Cross.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/69613-dutch-hospitality-sector-collects-for-st-maarten