Dutch MPs kept abreast | THE DAILY HERALD

A World Bank delegation met with the Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament on Thursday.

The delegation gave a briefing behind closed doors about the St. Maarten Reconstruction Trust Fund and the latest developments in the reconstruction process. From left: World Bank Senior Operations Officer Federico Baechli, Programme Director Reconstruction Windward Islands at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Hans van der Stelt, Member of the Second Chamber Joba van den Berg, World Bank Regional Director Caribbean Tahseen Sayed Khan, Member of the Second Chamber Antje Diertens, World Bank Regional Vice President Jorge Familiar and representative of the Netherlands at the World Bank Frank Heemskerk. (Suzanne Koelega photo)

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77884-dutch-mps-kept-abreast