Dutch parties, including VVD, discuss restart former cabinet | THE DAILY HERALD

  • THE HAGUE–Four Dutch political parties, including caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative VVD Party, agreed on Thursday to hold talks on forming a new coalition government, a breakthrough more than six months after a national election.

The four parties are the same as formed Rutte’s previous government, though it was seen as impossible for them to continue together after the March 17 election in which VVD’s biggest rival on the left, the liberal, pro-European D66 party, booked major gains.

The compromise came from D66 leader Sigrid Kaag, who said the only alternative left was a new election that would mean further delay and possibly no change in the situation. “And that also plays into the hands of populists. So we’re going to negotiate with the right-leaning parties,” she said.

The outgoing coalition, which has governed in a caretaker capacity since the election, comprises Rutte’s VVD, the Christian Democratic CDA, the small Christian Union and the D66.

Rutte said the four could “really make a new beginning” and if a new government was formed it would not be a “continuation” of the old one.

Rutte (54) has been in power since 2010 and his party remains the largest in Parliament, but with just 22 per cent of the vote he needs several partners to form a government.

Post-election talks have been difficult due to a fractured political landscape, with 17 parties winning seats.

Rutte narrowly survived a motion of no-confidence in the first weeks of the talks.

In the following months, D66 tried to bring left-leaning parties to the negotiating table for balance, which the VVD-CDA block refused.

The leader of the round of talks that concluded on Thursday recommended leftist parties could be called on for “constructive involvement” in the drafting of a governing pact.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/dutch-parties-including-vvd-discuss-restart-former-cabinet


  1. Again proof that elections results are not important at all for those in power. Back to the old cabinet that the people votes against, you call that democracy or demos-crazy?

  2. How many people had to die because of the policy of these ministers. How many terrorist attacks have been financed by Kaag via her terrorist El Fatah husband? In Israel they know exactly how many citizens have been killed by Kaag.

  3. The mistake people always make when they talk about parliamentary democracy is that they think it is about a form of democracy. But as the dinosaurs Rutte and Kaag have demonstrated clearly, the people’s vote is worth shit. The Den Haag elite can and will do what they want.