Dwayne Lindo receives Man of the Year award | THE DAILY HERALD

Dwayne Lindo (right) accepting the Man of the Year award from STDF Product Development Manager Maya Leon-Pandt. Also in photo are (from left) Junior Tourism Commissioner Shaquan Maharaj, Statia Men’s Day Committee chairperson Ingrid Whitfield and Minerva van Putten (partially visible).

ST. EUSTATIUS–Dwayne “Uncle Butch” Lindo received the Man of the Year award during the Men’s Day Gala at Mike van Putten Youth Centre on Sunday. Lindo was recognized by St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation (STDF) and the Statia Men’s Day Committee for his dedication, time and effort to the betterment and improvement of others in and around the community.

With 50 attendees, the gala was deemed a great success. Those present heard from a wide range of speakers, including committee member Maldwyn Timber, who stressed the importance of fatherhood.

“Young boys need real men, real fathers, strong role models and big brothers for guidance, inspiration and for positive upbringing and development,” Timber said.

“The identification of what it is to be a man now is very different to what we probably used as a model yesterday,” said keynote speaker Wendell De Leon in stating that society has changed.

Motivational speaker attorney-at-law Jason Rogers explained that St. Eustatius now is not the same in comparison to his childhood days when the community was more involved and offered mutual support.

In the days when he was growing up “the entire village” raised children. “We need to go back to those days,” Rogers said.

Medical doctor George Odongo kept the audience awake after dinner with his sense of humour. He spoke about health and wellness and said men should pay close attention with regard to testosterone levels and prostate cancer.

There was live entertainment by Three Angels Message Band, a performance by Reinier Lijfrock, touching testimonials by Eardley Woodley, Taro Merkman and Lijfrock, and a fun icebreaker by St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation (STDF) intern Shanettie Carty.

“I do not want to be a perfect father, I do not want to be a father of praises, I want to be a father of example, a father of love, a father of respect, a father who stands for Jesus Christ,” said Woodley. “Let us not be bad examples to our sons. Let us take the good out of the bad and take off running, spreading it on the roads of Statia.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/82847-dwayne-lindo-receives-man-of-the-year-award