E-bikes to join the categories for 3 hours of Bellevue race

Mountain bikers have been practicing for this Sunday’s “3 Hours of Bellevue” Race. (Photo Robert Luckock)

MARIGOT–E-bikes will- for the first time – be part of the competing categories for this coming Sunday’s annual “3 Hours of Bellevue” mountain bike race, Tri Sport’s Susy Maidwell disclosed.

E-bikes are mountain bikes that have a motor installed inside the bottom bracket for those looking for the pure fun aspect with a little bit of assistance.
“More and more people are getting electric mountain bikes, and these are enthusiastic people who want to ride trails, but can’t do any events, don’t have the fitness level, or they are older, so we decided to incorporate E-bike teams this year.
“This is a course that is quite suitable for beginners and intermediates as it is not too technical compared to typical mountain bike courses. Anyone can get around it and there’s nothing too extreme or dangerous.”
The approximately 4K course has a mixture of short climbs, winding tracks through wooded sections and fast single track on the flat. The fastest riders will complete a loop in 9 to10 minutes, while the average time will be more in the range of 12 to 20 minutes.
The objective for the teams of two will be to complete as many laps as possible in three hours. A Le Mans start sends team riders running around a loop before tagging their partner.
Categories are male teams, women’s teams, mixed teams, junior teams and E-bike teams. Last year’s male team winners were Dean Hodge Jr. and Adélio Brooks, and mixed team winners Nico Warme and Annelies Starreveld.
Dean Hodge is teaming up with Otis Cotton for the Tri Sport Team. Mark Maidwell and Otis Paines are reportedly making up a team and they will be one of the favourites. Gary Howkins is teaming up with former Tri Sport employee Fred who is coming over from Guadeloupe.
Registration is open at Trip Sport in Simpson Bay until 5:00pm Saturday, May 26. Entry fee is US $15 per person which includes breakfast afterwards and prize giving. The race starts at 7:00am and is sponsored by Atlantic Signs, Tri Sport and Cyphoma.
Maidwell added that the Kids Mountain Bike Club is starting up again on June 2. Sessions will be held every Wednesday and Saturday at 3:30pm. Kids, ages 8 and up, are welcome to try out the club on the open day on June 2 in the parking are of the Rasta market gardens in Bellevue.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/76876-e-bikes-to-join-the-categories-for-3-hours-of-bellevue-race