E-mails show STA Council backed Brison for Director

PHILIPSBURG–The saga between the St. Maarten Tourism Authority (STA) Supervisory Council board and its candidate Interim Director Rolando Brison continues as e-mails between Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) Ingrid Arrindell and Council members show favourable scores for Brison.

This is contrary to the Supervisory Council’s press statement on October 20 stating not all six members of the selection committee had independently scored Brison highest as reported in press releases. E-mails obtained by The Daily Herald show otherwise.
Roger Lawrence representing the Port of St. Maarten on the STA wrote to the Minister on July 19 that Brison was his top pick, Jacqueline Louis second and Terrence Rey third. TEATT Ministry representative on STA Alex Dijkhoffz scored Brison as his number one candidate, Terrence Rey second and Jacqueline Louis third. Princess Juliana International Airport SXM representative on the board Suzy Kartokromo also scored Brison as her first pick, Louis as second choice followed by Rey.

STA Council Chairman Keith Graham started his e-mail to the Minister by saying that due to an off-the-record enquiry he suggested Terrance Rey as his top choice followed by Louis and Brison. He was not specific about what that enquiry entailed, but he could have been referring to the dispute between Brison and his former employer Winair.

In its previous media statement, the Council maintained that under the current conditions, given information obtained since the interview with Brison and based on the articles of Incorporation, the Supervisory Council could not and would not support Brison’s appointment.

The STA Council continued in its statement, “While it is agreed that the Tourism Authority is urgently needed to coordinate and execute the much-needed marketing efforts for the destination, it should be noted that STA still has no budget, as funds have not been transferred from the Ministry’s marketing budget for the purpose of the day-to-day operation of the STA, as originally discussed.

“The Supervisory Council looks forward to meeting with the incoming Government and seeking its input in identifying the marketing needs and/or objectives for the country and to tackle these through the efforts of the STA.”

The sole STA board member is Christina Labega and she will have to decide whether the board will still honour outgoing Minister Arrindell’s selection or wait until the new Minister takes office.

Meanwhile, Brison intends to initiate court proceedings against Government this week, as he has a binding letter from the Minister he signed in September giving him the job.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61273-e-mails-show-sta-council-backed-brison-for-director


  1. Where was Mr. Brison for his tell all radio interview? The boys are saying that Brison was working hard already to bring Marc Anthony to play in sxm. Someone shouls ask the promoter why the deal feel thruogh………hint, hint. Promises of funding from STA for the event and a few other strange financial conditions???

  2. The scoring was totally based on the presentation. His presentation was good but the references were poor. He unfortunately has a history of making promises but not delivering the “goods” plus the Winair issue which is a major one.

  3. “This is contrary to the Supervisory Council’s press statement on October 20 stating not all six members of the selection committee had independently scored Brison highest as reported in press releases”.

    What do you mean Daily Herald? STA said that not all members scored him highest which is the truth as the Chairman had in the # 3 position.

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