Eco Resort a vehicle for tourism diversification | THE DAILY HERALD

TEATT Minister Stuart Johnson (fifth left), representatives of St. Maarten Tourist Bureau and other persons at Eco Resort.


SOUTH REWARD–St. Maarten Hillside Plantation and Eco Resort has been described as “an innovative vehicle that lays the foundation for further diversification of St. Maarten’s tourism industry and the promotion of eco-friendliness” by Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) Minister Stuart Johnson.

  Johnson, along with representatives of St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, visited the Plantation and Eco Resort last week and were given a tour of the facility. The delegation was also given an outline of the developers’ plans for the location.

  The resort and holistic wellness facility are the brainchild of Agricultural Engineer and Aquaponics leader Joslyn Richardson and Dr. Barb Tremlett, who specializes in holistic wellness and metaphysical and energy psychology.

  The duo combined agriculture, hiking and holistic wellness to create an Eco Resort where persons can experience nature through hiking, yoga surrounded by nature, and educational programmes in food production; and can sleep in one of the eco-lodges, it was stated in a press release.

  Johnson said he was impressed with the creative talents of the creators of Eco Resort.

  “Many Caribbean islands boast eco-tourism in many different forms, and it is something vacationers are asking for. What is interesting about this development is its unique way of creating something for everyone. Tourism in the Caribbean survived on the premise that our people were creative and did things that were unique and attracted visitors. This Eco Resort concept is no different,” Johnson said in the release.

  Phase one of the development will focus on expanding the hiking trails in the hills and creating a juice bar that uses locally grown fruits and vegetables and a pavilion for relaxation and community events. Phase two will focus on holistic wellness through the establishment of a wellness centre.

  The developers intend to build 15 eco-lodges, three one-bedroom units that can accommodate two people and 12 studios that can accommodate four people. There will be designated outdoor camping areas as well as a swimming pool created with local rock formations with waterfalls, as well as a restaurant that uses plantation produce to prepare its dishes.

  Johnson called the initiative “timely”, saying that the Eco Resort through its efforts can contribute to improving the health and wellness of residents.

Source: The Daily Herald