Ecumenical service | THE DAILY HERALD

The second annual National Day of Prayer, themed “Oneness for the common good of Statia,” was held on St. Eustatius last week in the William and Christine Flanders Community Centre on Rosemary-lane.

The ecumenical service to make World day of Prayer brought together Pastor Merville Hazel (Bible Baptist), Reverend Vincia Celestine (Methodist), Deacon Hillorene Jeffers (Anglican), Pastor Maurice Howard (Big Stone Fellowship), Pastor Kathleen Plunkett (Apostolic Faith Mission), Father Simon Wilson (Roman Catholic) and Statia Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers. Ishn Coutar sang the Statia Song. The church leaders urged Statians to live in harmony and to join together for Statia Day on November 16. A combined choir of singers for all churches sang under the guidance of Philomena Bradshaw and Rita Hassell-Bass. Rient Hassell accompanied on keyboard. “How Great Thou Art” and “Bind us together Lord” were two of the congregational hymns.

Source: The Daily Herald