Elektra returns to morning radio


Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt. (File photo)

PHILIPSBURG– Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt has returned to radio after a short retirement.

  The radio personality left her popular morning radio show on Laser 101 three years ago and decided to follow different avenues, but after fans kept telling her that she is missed, she decided to return.


   Elektra’s “Groovin” on Oasis 96.3FM starts today, Monday, and airs weekdays from 7:00 to 10:00am.

  “‘I miss you on the radio’ – those were the words I kept hearing every day over the past three years. After almost more than a decade working at Philipsburg Broadcasting at Laser 101, I decided to retire from radio and follow different avenues.

  “I have always maintained a warm working relationship with my colleagues at Philipsburg Broadcasting and manager Francis Carty. I enjoyed what I did, but I was constantly being confronted with fans asking me to return to the radio.

  “I felt warm and honoured by my community that my God-given talent was highly appreciated and dearly missed. Many people would do acts of kindness for me just like that or give me hugs because they finally met the person behind the voice and I felt humbled by these expressions,” stated Elektra in a press release on Sunday.

  “I was wondering: should I return to radio? The stories persons would share with me telling me how much motivation, joy and laughter I brought into their lives every morning, or they would quote segments of my ‘Wake Up with Elektra’ show on Laser 101 would make me smile.

  “There are several things that would come up, like people saying, ‘What colours are your shoes today, Elektra?’ or start singing ‘La da di la da da.’ After the passing of the Hurricanes Irma, José and Maria, I realized how much I missed the radio. My wonderful colleague and friend Phyliss Meit left to Curaçao and the opportunity presented itself on another one of Philipsburg Broadcasting’s flagship stations, Oasis 96.3FM.

  “As I did my research for my new concept of the show I had to dig deep and be true to my heart and soul about what I wanted to creatively bring forth the second time around. Being out of radio for a while, I needed to get back in the ‘groove’ of things.

  “I started listening to a lot of different music. Then I heard the song of Diana Ross ‘I’m Coming Out,’ then came my ‘Aha’ moment. The lyrics set me afire and awoke the deep-rooted passion and love that I always had for radio once again and I decided to return by popular demand. I had heard this song a million times before, but the lyrics somehow expressed exactly what and how I feel getting back into my radio career. That’s the way the name of my new show came about, actually. I thought to myself, ‘Groovin’.’  it just felt right.

  “What many people don’t know is that I enjoy many different music genres and on Oasis I get the chance to express this as well. I consider my show to be an energetic variety infotainment radio morning show, with interesting segments that can reach both local and international listeners. Everybody is welcome to tune in.

  “I am happy to be on Oasis 96.3FM, as here I can play many songs that made me fall in love with the radio in the first place. To my fans I say, ‘Thank you very much for your love and continued support and I missed you too!’ I am enthusiastic about starting my new show and hope that people will welcome ‘Groovin!’ into their hearts.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72525-elektra-returns-to-morning-radio