Eleven graduate from Golden Rock School


The 11 graduates: Tinicia Lester, Fabien Campbell, Malique Bispham, Melchizedek Howard, Jahven Heus, Keisha Neus, Marshel Herman, Angel Hutchinson, Eliscia Brown, Durvien Brown and Kaila Woodley.


Eliscia Brown urged her fellow graduates to “Fly High.”


ST. EUSTATIUS–Eleven pupils graduated from the Golden Rock Roman Catholic School during a ceremony held earlier this week on the school premises.

  Valedictorian Eliscia Brown gave an impassioned cry for her colleagues to “fly high.” Her confident singing voice permeated the air when the entire class of 2017 sang Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.”

   Each graduate was presented with their graduation certificate by Education Commissioner Derrick Simmons. The members of Class 2017 will now move on to the Gwendoline van Putten School.

  In remarks at the ceremony, School Director Irine Ortega said it is always sad to say goodbye to pupils and teachers. She said with practice the graduates could become anything in life that they wanted.

  Ortega referred to basketball star Michael Jordan, who missed 9,000 shots during his playing career and still ended up as the greatest player of all time.

  School board representative Ingrid Whitfield underscored the important role of parents. “Show interest in your child’s schooling. Look at the class timetable and check if homework has been completed and most of all be part of their success.”

   Whitfield has served on the school board for 14 years and will retire next year. Her service and no-nonsense approach were appreciated by the large graduation audience.

   A further boost for self-reliance came from Simmons, who was also educated at the school. “Whatever you do in life, a good education is always something you can fall back on. You can take a straight line from A to B and make a lot of money like Michael Jordan, but life is about choices and education gives you so many paths to reach your goal. Be yourself. Recognize what talents and skills you have and never, ever give up. Education is priceless,” Simmons said.

   His colleagues from both sides of the political divide were present at the graduation. They included Island Council members Rueben Merkman (Independent), Adelka Spanner (DP) and Commissioner Charles Woodley.

  Woodley toasted to their future. “They will do so on the basis of their own confidence and supported by the confidence of the whole community,” Woodley said.

 Father Peter de Jong said in his opening prayer that pupils have done their very best and committed themselves to the tasks and responsibilities they were given to develop their lives and to use their talents.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/67321-eleven-graduate-from-golden-rock-school