Emmanuel calls businesses to donate to Government

POND ISLAND–Businesses need to step up their responsibility and assist government by donating, said Infrastructure and Environment Minister Christophe Emmanuel. 

  The need for donations to get, for example, needed vehicles came up in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing on Wednesday. The minister said this ministry has been trying to tackle sewage issues around the country, but the bottleneck has been the lack of vehicles.

  Businesses have a responsibility, he said, adding, “I will be coming to you to ask for donations … it is time for you to contribute.”

  Also in the press conference, Emmanuel commended Police for hauling in contractors to clean up the spilled cement on Naked Boy Hill. He is happy this irresponsible behaviour has been put into check by the authorities.

  He is also working with Public Health Minister Emil Lee in curbing the mosquito larvae in the pools of the old Upper Prins Quarter Hotel.

  Owners of vehicle wrecks in the Cul de Sac basin are again called on by Emmanuel to clear away their wrecks or have Government remove them at the owner’s expense.

  Utilities companies have been put in notice by Emmanuel about the repairing of cut up roads. The companies will soon have to be pay for the waivers from Government. Being given free waivers appears to give companies any sense of responsibility to fix back the roads they damage, he said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63506-emmanuel-calls-businesses-to-donate-to-government


  1. This Minister has lost its mind. 5% TOT. 38% Profit Tax. Business license fee; Director license fee; 50% Wage Tax.. and you’re asking for donations? You must be insane.

  2. How about chasing all the illegal Mexicans working in Simpson Bay Resort who don’t pay tax?? and all the tax dodging that snr management by being paid into banks in Belieze??
    But then again your in their pockets with BACKHANDERS no doubt…