Engine troubles leads to load-shedding Wed.

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE resorted to load-shedding in several districts on Wednesday after one of its engines developed a “temperature problem.”

Interim Manager Andrew Zagers told The Daily Herald that the load-shedding might continue today, as the engine troubles were not yet resolved up to late yesterday.

He said, however, that technicians were busy trying to resolve the problem. The load-shedding began early Wednesday and was discontinued on Wednesday afternoon after the temperatures cooled down.

Affected by the load-shedding were the areas of Cole Bay, Belvedere, Union Farm Estate, Madame Estate, the Kim Sha area and other areas.

Source: Daily Herald
Engine troubles leads to load-shedding Wed.


  1. Like I said earlier; You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
    I wonder if GEBE management is too stupid, too lazy, too incompetent or simply don’t care to solve the problem. GEBE has an overdraft of 15 million (2008) wich they can use to get new, better and bigger generators to solve the problem.
    But I bet that the surplus money dissapeared in someones pocket.