Entrepreneurs asked to update details by April 30 for Chamber’s Nov. election | THE DAILY HERALD

Chamber of Commerce Director-General Julien Bataille (right) discusses the lead-up to the election at a press conference as Communications and Events ManagerMalaïka Bell-Maxwell looks on. (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT–The Inter-Professional Consular Chamber of St. Martin CCISM reminds entrepreneurs to be ready to vote in November this year for the persons who will represent the business community for the next five years.

  However, details must be updated to be present on CCISM’s electoral list. A dedicated form is available on the CCISM website

www.ccism.fr under the tab “consular elections”. The deadline to complete this is midnight April 30.

  The elected persons are the men and women chosen to prepare the economy of tomorrow in St. Martin. It is essential for all businesses to vote in the election to choose the 21 representatives.

  It is also a useful vote to train young people and adults in close connection with the needs of companies, to accompany the economic development of the territory, to represent business interests on a territorial and national scale, to accompany all companies from their creation to their transmission, and to create activity and employment.

  Individual entrepreneurs, heads of very small or medium businesses, businesses in commerce, services or industry, craftsmen, artisans, stock breeders, farmers – they all have the same right to make their voices heard to advance the business sector and the territory by choosing their representative for a particular sector of activity.

  Registration on the electoral list is one of the conditions of eligibility for CCISM member mandates that must be justified in case of candidacy.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/entrepreneurs-asked-to-update-details-by-april-30-for-chamber-s-nov-election