Eskay Enterprises Saba’s Entrepreneur of the Year

SABA–As a longstanding tradition, the Saba Business Association honoured Eskay Enterprises N.V. as Saba’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. The company was chosen for its hardworking and visionary husband-and-wife team, said President of the Saba Business Association (SBA) Wolfgang Tooten.

Nester and Barbara Beckwith and their daughter Reine moved to Saba in July, 2015. They purchased the full-service air conditioning and refrigeration business from Steve Hassell, a local entrepreneur going on his well-deserved retirement.

Getting used to the new Caribbean environment and the small-scale economy with its delivery delays and other challenges, the Beckwiths established Eskay as the number-one air-condition company on the island.

This year they even went a step further and opened Green Energy Home Comfort at Lambee’s Place, showcasing air conditioners and appliances. They import refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances for an affordable price.

“TJ” is always on hand to attend calls from residents and local businesses to have a look at their unique problems with all kind of refrigeration units and takes orders to install units all over the island, be it for locals, medical students or businesses. With their strong work ethic and dedication to the community, they continue to offer great service and reliability, according to SBA.

“The Saba Business Association is happy to see such determination, risk taking and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the SBA is very proud to have Nester and Barb as members of their organization and wish them all success for the future, and congratulate them for their achievements and the award,” SBA stated.

Source: The Daily Herald