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Esther Narcisco-Williams

~ In ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’ ~

SUCKER GARDEN–She may appear demure and soft-spoken to those who do not know her, but with one command – “Lights, sound, action!” – Esther Narcisco-Williams will take on the role of one of two harlots.

Such will be Narcisco’s role when she leads her Class 2 members once again in the stage version of “The Rise and Fall of King Solomon at L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium on Saturday, August 11. Narcisco will be a part of a cast of some two dozen who will be retelling the story of one of Israel’s wisest kings prior to the birth of Christ.

This time around, the show, which is being produced by Better Opportunity for Talent (BOFT), will also feature veteran actor Earl Duzong, singers Karen Cadogan and Benjamin Bell’s God’s Chosen, as well as Christian Fellowship Church Total Restoration dance ministry.

But what is the motivation behind all of this? As Narcisco explained, her class at Cole Bay Methodist Church did a skit on King Solomon some 10 years ago and from that, the idea was born to make it into a play.

They attempted to stage the play on several occasions but couldn’t get it off the ground until last April when it came to fruition. Aruba-born Narcisco, who is also the creator of the island’s signature “Lulu’s Dolls,” credits fellow congregant Lady Ann Meyers as the architect behind the play.

Lady Meyers, according to Narcisco, researched, directed and produced the play at church in April and following its immense success they were invited to move it to the big stage.

“Ann and I would get together and brainstorm who would be great in the various roles,” explained Narcisco, and so they began to work with the children of the Sunday school, as well as church members from other classes, until eventually the network grew to include persons from other churches on the island.

Narcisco, who has been living in St. Maarten for more than three decades, enjoys being leader of Class 2 and sees these productions as building the confidence of many persons. She sees herself today as being just where she started out. Born the first of four children and the only daughter to her deceased parents who left St. Maarten in their younger years, Narcisco said she grew up in the Methodist church, but deviated for some time while studying and living in the Netherlands.

“I love to sing, and I used to sing in the choir at Bethel Methodist Church while growing up in Aruba. The daughters sat in front with our mothers in the back of us and if we chatted, or were not paying attention, you would feel the poke in your back and when you looked around, you would get the ‘look,’ which you immediately understood,” laughed Narcisco.

After studying, Narcisco moved to Curaçao where she got married. There she was a member of Barrett Memorial Methodist Church. Fourteen years later, she and her family moved to St. Maarten.

“This is home,” said Narcisco, “and I found myself needing to get closer to the Lord. That was when I made the commitment to start going back to church and giving my life to God.” Ever since returning to her parents’ birthplace, Narcisco has held firm to her faith.

With the staging of “The Rise and Fall of King Solomon,” Narcisco said she hopes the audience will leave understanding the message behind the Bible story.

“It teaches you how to love and not to live a life like King Solomon. People can learn from [the play – Ed.] … that we shouldn’t live the way King Solomon lived. He was a wise man, but did things that were not right in the sight of the Lord,” said Narcisco.

Tickets for the show are on sale at SOS Radio, Family Bookstore, and Van Dorp Stores. Cast members also have tickets. Adult tickets cost US $20, while children will pay only $5.

Source: The Daily Herald