Extra efforts to capture Kuchi, help from community needed

PHILIPSBURG–The Prosecutor’s Office in good collaboration with the St. Maarten Police Force (KPSM), the Kingdom Detectives Cooperation Team (RST) and the French Authorities is actively searching for escaped prisoner Kathron “Kuchi” Fortune born on October 14, 1977 on the island of Grenada.

He is sentenced to imprisonment at the Point Blanche prison for murder, but escaped from prison guards who had taken him for a doctor’s visit in Cay Hill on February 15, 2016.

Both Dutch and French authorities are putting a lot of effort into catching “Kuchi” since there is concrete information that “Kuchi” is still on St. Maarten. “In the past weeks extra efforts have been taking place in the hunt for “Kuchi, some of which may have been visible to the public. Recapturing “Kuchi” has always been one of the priorities of all justice authorities,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated in a press release issued on Monday evening.

“It is important to know that harboring “Kuchi” – or for that matter any other fugitive of the law – or helping him to escape from justice is a serious crime and punishable by law,” the Prosecutor’s Office warned. “This type of assistance will lead to the arrest and prosecution of those who make themselves guilty of assisting “Kuchi”.”

In this regard the Prosecutor’s Office and KPSM are requesting anyone who has information that could lead to the arrest of “Kuchi” to immediately call 542-2222 ext. 214, 215 or the anonymous tip line 9300. The Prosecutor’s Office and KPSM warns the public and emphasizes not to attempt capturing “Kuchi” on your own as he is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63782-extra-efforts-to-capture-kuchi-help-from-community-needed