Extradition of Koeiman held

WILLEMSTAD–The extradition of former police officer Rogelio Gregory Koeiman (48) plus his suspected accomplices Felicia and Rietwijk to the United States (US) on drug trafficking charges was delayed in Curaçao. Koeiman was detained in St. Maarten on November 15, after the High Court in The Hague reversed an earlier ruling by the Dutch Caribbean Joint Court of Justice in favour of the trio.

However, attorney Eldon “Peppy” Sulvaran filed an injunction to try and block the move on behalf of his clients. The judge decided the case could not yet be handled because the correct procedure for such needed to be checked and the Governor had not yet signed the extradition order.

Sulvaran told Extra newspaper that once the latter is done it will be determined how to continue. Parties will then meet again on November 29 to see if the same civil proceedings can be used or a penal summary case is required.

Sulvaran said the prosecution agreed to allow sufficient time for an appeal. He added that while Koeiman and Felicia are being held in custody, Rietwijk is not.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office in Willemstad on Thursday announced it had extradited the 43-year-old woman A.d.R.-J., from the Dominican Republic, to the US. The Governor signed the order on October 25.

She is suspected of conspiring to smuggle and distribute drugs. During a raid at her Curaçao home in December 2015 they found 12 kilos of cocaine, firearms and paraphernalia to process the drugs. Together with co-suspect R.A., the woman was held on the island at the request of the District Court of Massachusetts.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61803-extradition-of-koeiman-held