Facemasks for students

Nature Foundation  gave 100 facemasks to Charlotte Brookson Academy this week. The school is directly downwind of the fumes by the burning landfill.

Nature Foundation Project Manager Melanie Meijer, Zu Schlochtern and Manager Tadzio Bervoets delivered the facemasks in two batches to the school. Landfill fires release high levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) into the atmosphere which causes additional health effects through depriving the body of oxygen. The Foundation also has masks for residents who may want one. To collect a mask, visit the Foundation’s Facebook page or +1 721 5444267. Facemasks can also be bought in hardware stores. In photos: Bervoets and Zu Schlochtern with students. (Kai Latouche/Kairros photo)

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72680-facemasks-for-students